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"Witty ad-libbing band leader, Wally Fields (Piano and Narration), takes the audience on an exciting odyssey from the romantic Left Bank Paris of the 1930s to the wild Steppes of Cossack Russia and into the dark dens of Jewish Odessa of the 1920's...."

The outstanding musical talents of Paul Gregory (Jazz manouche Guitar), Matthew Heery (Guitar and Mandolin), Owen Bryce (Trumpet) and Allan Stratton (Double Bass) provide the audience with an authentic experience, overflowing with the passion and energy of this hugely influential musical period.

Sell out shows at Kazimier Gardens and Fredericks Jazz Club

This band was formed as recently as July 2015 and received an immediate booking at the prestigious Athemaeum Liverpool at a concert of Russian Music and Banquet. The band has been honoured by bookings at the Le QuecumBar, London which is the top venue in Europe for Hot Club Jazz in February 2016. They have also received an amazing response and they have been given a further booking for July 17th, 2016 and also October 9th and 10th for a special weekend.

The band also has a residency at the Blackburne House Cafe in Liverpool, and will be appearing at the new Night Club "All That Jazz" in Cook Street, Liverpool on July 24th 2016.


Sylvia Rushbrooke, proprietor of LeQueCumBar with the boys of the band


Images courtesy of John Beddall